As our valued business partners, we expect you to uphold the same values and principles of business conduct that we do.

The First Capital Realty Supplier Code of Conduct and Ethics (the "FCR Supplier Code") is designed to ensure that suppliers have a clear understanding of how FCR expects to conduct its business with suppliers.

The FCR Supplier Code applies to all suppliers and contractors including their sub-suppliers, sub-contractors and their employees that supply goods and/or services to First Capital Realty and its subsidiaries (FCR). In addition to the provisions of the FCR Supplier Code, suppliers must understand and at all times, comply with local laws and regulations.

The FCR Supplier Code expectations are aligned with FCR values, principles and policies and include but are not limited to the following:

  • Conduct business activities in an honest, fair and ethical manner;
  • Do not offer or accept gifts, prizes, entertainment or travel which would be considered excessive to an objective observer;
  • Do not offer or accept unlawful payments including bribes, kickbacks or any other type of improper payment;
  • Do not enter into other agreements that conflict with contractual obligations with FCR;
  • Do not disclose sensitive information about FCR;
  • Provide a workplace free of harassment and unlawful discrimination;
  • Respect the rights, privacy and dignity of all individuals;
  • Use resources, material and energy as efficiently and responsibly as possible;
  • Maintain a safe, healthy and secure work environment;

All FCR suppliers and contractors will be required to certify that they have read the FCR Supplier Code and will agree to abide by it. FCR will determine the frequency of certification. Please click here to view the FCR Supplier Code of Conduct and Ethics.

FCR believes that our supplier/contractor partnerships include mutual ethical values and contribute to sustainable working environments in the communities where FCR owns and operates our properties.


Do you need to report an actual or suspected violation of the FCR Supplier Code? Concerned about any issues or activities you have encountered while conducting business with FCR? Please do not hesitate to report any relevant information to our confidential bilingual third party FCR Ethics Hotline. Refer to the FCR Supplier Code of Conduct and Ethics for details on how to access the FCR Ethics Hotline.