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November 27, 2014

Toronto, Ontario (November 27, 2014) – First Capital Realty Inc. (TSX:FCR) (the “Company”),
Canada’s leading owner, developer and manager of well-located, high quality urban retail-centredproperties, announced that it is providing notice today to holders of its outstanding 5.95% Series G seniorunsecured debentures due June 1, 2015 (the “Debentures”) in respect of the redemption in full of theDebentures. As of the date hereof, there is $125 million principal amount of Debentures outstanding. TheDebentures will be redeemed in integral multiples of $1,000.The Company has established December 29, 2014 as the redemption date and has fixed December 24,2014 as the record date for this redemption. On the redemption date, the Debentures will be redeemed inaccordance with their terms at a redemption price per $1,000 principal amount of the Debentures equal to$1,017.72 plus accrued and unpaid interest (to but excluding the redemption date) of $4.56 and willthereafter cease to be outstanding.

ABOUT FIRST CAPITAL REALTY (TSX: FCR)First Capital Realty is Canada’s leading owner, developer and manager of well-located, high qualityurban retail-centered properties. The Company currently owns interests in 162 properties, including oneground-up development project underway, totalling approximately 24.5 million square feet of grossleasable area.

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